Viking Thrusting Spear Head

The thrusting spear was more commonly used than the sword, since it was less expensive to make. The lugs are of Frankish origin and both limited the penetration of the weapon and provided an effective parrying guard.

Hand crafted from 5160 high carbon spring steel with an intricate pattern formed with the Niello process. Niello is created by taking an alloy of several metals, notably silver, and rubbing it into an incised pattern. It is then fired. Where the alloy is rubbed into the engraving, it remains black while the rest of the surface of polished to a bright finish. Ships with a sharp edge.

16" overall with a 9 3/4" blade. Fits a shaft diameter of 1". Weighs around 1 pound 6 ounces.

Does not include a wooden haft.
Viking Thrusting Spear Head
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