Pappenheimer Rapier by Kevin Kashen

Pappenheimer rapier by ABS Master Smith Kevin Cashen of Matherton Forge. Twisted wire wrapped grip with twisted copper wire accents. Pierced cup and intricately engraved pommel and guard.

Completed in 2010. Marked by Kevin on the blade. Shown as "Sword 6" on Kevin's website.

Includes wood scabbard wrapped with black leather by Kevin. 43 1/4" overall with a 37 1/4" blade measured to crossguard, 35" measured to basket. POB is 2 3/4". Weighs 2 pounds 8 ounces.

The blade is straight and free of rust. It has never been cut with. The scabbard is a perfect fit. There are some scuffs on the scabbard.
Pappenheimer Rapier by Kevin Kashen
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