The Sovereign Limited Edition Type 14 Medieval War Sword

The Sovereign by Albion. Limited Edition (to 1000) Medieval War Sword. Oakeshott type 14. Bronze pommel. Double Fullered blade.

34 1/4" overall with a 27 5/8" blade. Weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces. P.O.B. is 3 1/4". Specifications may be from the sword in stock, and may differ slightly from the manufacturers specifications, as grinding, etc. will come out slightly different on each handmade piece.

This sword was purchased from Albion many years ago. It has been well maintained by the original purchaser. It has never been cut with. It is straight, and free of rust. It has been displayed in a collection. I have oiled it, but I have not polished it.

The dying of the leather grip is not perfectly even. It is darker in some areas than others. This should be visible in the photos.

There may be minor scuffs only visible in certain lighting conditions, or a fingerprint or two that appear in a more humid environment that are not currently evident. I encourage the buyer to thoroughly check for fingerprints, etc. and oil the sword again upon arrival, as with any purchase.

Please contact us if you need larger, uncompressed photos.
The Sovereign Limited Edition Type 14 Medieval War Sword
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