Synthetic Sparring Single Hand Grip with Blue Finish

This new line of polymer sparring swords was developed in conjunction with Dave Rawlings, founder of the London Longsword Academy and the Historical European Martial Arts community. The single hand sword is well suited to students of the I.33 sword and buckler tradition. They provide a more realistic replacement for the wooden waster for drilling and pell work, as well as providing a safer alternative for the steel blunt in contact sparring when used with appropriate protection.

The grip is made from a rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer. It is designed to absorb the impact of strikes and to provide a tight fit on the tangs.

4 1/2" overall. Weighs around 1.27 ounces.

A key feature is is the ease of assembly and disassembly, which allows for easy transport and customization of individual swords with the interchangeable components. Mix and match pommels, guards and handles to create your own custom sword.
Synthetic Sparring Single Hand Grip with Blue Finish
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