Brass Basket Hilt Claymore

Based on a circa 1550 design. This Scottish basket-hilt Claymore is the equal to any raised by clansmen as they overran the English at the Battle of Falkirk on Jan. 17th, 1746. The pierced basket-hilt is a faithful reproduction of one found on the Culloden Moor. The blade is of the typical fullered, double-edge, broadsword pattern of the 1500's - 1800's.

Hand crafted from high carbon spring steel. Brass basket feature pierced design and has a red cloth liner. Complete with scabbard. Ships with an unsharpened edge.

39 1/2" overall with a 32 1/2" blade. Weighs around 3 pounds 14 ounces.

Brass Basket Hilt Claymore
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