Viking Sword with Damascus Blade

Based on a circa 850 design excavated in Finland. The original can be seen in "Records of the Medieval Sword" by Ewart Oakeshott. Due to the tremendous amount of stress placed on a sword during battle, early iron blades would frequently bend. Early Viking swords were forged from layers of iron interwoven with strands of steel to produce a tougher blade that could withstand the rigors of battle.

Hand crafted from high carbon Damascus steel with a full tang. The blade is polished with the fuller etched to show the pattern welded contsruction of the blade. The pommel and crossguard are steel. The cross guard contrasts slightly with the typical downturned versions. Hardwood grip wrapped in leather. Complete with wood leather wrapped scabbard with steel fittings. Ships with an unsharpened edge.

36" overall with a 31 3/8" blade. Weighs around 2 pounds.
Viking Sword with Damascus Blade
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