#114 Matched Pair of Katana in Pattern Welded Laminate

#114A and #114B Matched pair of Katana in Shinogi Zukuri style. With bo-hi. Tonbo (Dragonfly) motif. High polish. Blue and black saya. Blue wrap over black samegawa.

This beautiful pair of katana sharing the same number are unique. Atar created them for a Naruto fan who wanted a pair of katana so well matched that either one could sheath in either saya. It was quite a project, and the customer paid alot extra for it, but then was unable to pay for the balance remaining upon completion. Atar's regular retail on katana of this quality would be $3150 each without the extra work of swappable saya. This pair is priced to be a spectacular deal.

Highly polished generation 3 katanas with pattern welded laminate damascus blade from 1070, L-6, and 1095 high carbon spring steels in Iron Kobuse construction. Very subtle pattern. Fine hada. Nice hamon.

The katanas is 39 1/2" overall with a 28 3/4" blades. Each one weighs 2 pounds 1 ounce.
#114 Matched Pair of Katana in Pattern Welded Laminate
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